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Visibility is the ability and situation where one of the road user can be seen by the other road users. To see and be seen is the basic fundamental for the safety of all road users. Delayed detection of other road users by drivers is a common reason for road accidents.

Important points children and pedestrian should remember while using roads for being visible
Make sure you are easily seen, especially seen at night and bad weather.
Bright or fluorescent clothes are best for day time, especially during foggy and misty weather.
During night, reflective material is the best and reflects the glare of car headlights- fluorescent clothing is not effective after dark. Reflective tape can be put on clothing, school bags and equipments.
It is very dangerous to use cycle at night without a front light, a red back light and a red reflector at the back, so make sure that bicycle is properly equipped and working.
Cross the road at the safest place possible. e.g at zebra or pelican, foot-over bridge or underpass.
Use the Green Cross Code: Stop, Look, Listen, Leave.
If you out at night, choose routes that are well lit by streetlights and cross at well-lit places.