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Skills of a Good Driver

Being a good driver is not just about the ability to control a car and having good reflexes but about attitude and being able to spot and understand dangers o the road.

Many die as a consequence in experience, speeding, intoxication through drink or drug or just plain recklessness.

Whenever and wherever you drive

Watch your speed :

Every stretch of road has been designated with a speed limit, which has been arrived at by scientific methods. Any violation of speed limit on road could put driver into dangerous situations. A speeding vehicle need more braking distance then a slower vehicle. Making judgment at high speed is very difficult. Visual calculation of distance by brain may not be accurate. You burn extra fuel while driving at speed more than this optimum and jeopardize your and other life.

Expert to encounter different road users :

Do not expect you are driving on to be perfect. You will encounter many fellow drivers, upbringing and etiquettes as you have. So driving is not only steering a vehicle on road, it also involves inculcating the habits of patience and compassion. You may face rowdy drivers, abusive once, teasers, tipplers on road, you have to handle all these fellow drivers and then only one can called an accomplished driver.

Be patient :

Patient is the most important trait of a good driver. Impatient drivers are sure to make mistakes. They will jump red lights, will tailgate and will get irritated upon slightest provocation. This makes him more vulnerable to accident on road.

Give other time and room :

If you honk at red lights, you must mend your habits. Each driver has own style of driving. Some time we find slow drivers on road who bullied by other drivers by incessant honking, for room to overtake him. Try to put yourself in his shoes He may be a learner or had recently started driving or may be his car has developed some sang. Your contribution honking could scare him and he could make a mistake on road. Any mistake by him on road could lead to an accident. No one is a born driver, help other driver and be patient on road.

Be read for mistake by others :

You could be a perfect driver but do not expect all other to be perfect. They could make mistake all other to be perfect. They could make mistakes and you may be the one who pays for it. So one should make allowance and be prepared for somebody else’s mistake also. Do not overreact, handles the situation calmly. Decision taken in anger is always wrong.

Concentrate on your driving :

You are handling a machine of more than 1000 kilos. Concentration is the most important aspect of driving. Do not get distracted by music, cell phones, talkative companion or big billboard, hoardings etc. Slightest of distraction have cause number of fatal accidents. Never drive and use a mobile phone- You can be easily distracted.