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Safety Tips for School Bus

School bus safety is the responsibility of parents, teachers and bus staff. Our responsibility does not end at bus stop. We should reach our children to use the school bus properly and safely.

Children should be taught about boarding the bus:
Do not hurry, wait till the bus stops.
Enter the bus in single file line.
Hold hand rail and enter.
Ensure that your bags or clothes don’t get stuck anywhere.
Go straight to your seat.


While travelling in bus:
Be seated properly and face forward.
Do not put any part of your body outside the bus.
Do not travel on footboard.
Keep the aisle clean.
Do not make much noise and distract drivers.
Follow the instruction of and conductor.


While alighting the bus:
Do not be in hurry, wait till the bus stops.
Use handrail to get off the bus.
Exist from the front door of the bus.
Be visible to the driver while alighting.
Do not crawl under the bus to pick up lost things.

Never move behind the bus, the blind spot of driver.