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Parking is an integral part of driving etiquettes. How good driver you may be but if you cannot park your vehicle properly, you still have to learn few lessons of driving.

Always look for authorized Parking.
If you are not apt at maneuvering vehicle at parking try to park vehicle by reversing it into the space. It allows you more maneuverability.
Always use your indicator while parking.
Opt for parking.
While opening door of a car ensure it doesn’t bang another car.
While parking in areas with slope and hilly areas keep the vehicle in forward gear. If the slope is toward the front of the vehicle, park it with gear in reverse position.
Always pull hand break unless asked by the attendant
Do not forget to take receipt from the parking attendant.
Respect No standing/ No waiting/ No parking zone on road.
Do not park the vehicle in haphazard manner, which may cause problem to other drivers.
Avoid keeping your valuables in parked zone.
Never leave children in a parked and locked car.
At night park your vehicles with parking lights on.
Avoid parking brawls, it is also a form of road rage.