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Lane Driving Tips

LANE driving is safe Driving this adage has always proved good to the user. In India the saying remains on positive on posters, pamphlets and hoarding only.

We seldom see drivers following it in practice.
Lane Driving or stickhing to your lane is one of the easiest ways to drive safety. The method of lane driving can only be made successful when most of the drivers follow it, few following lanes and most driving haphazardly would not solve the problem.
If lanes are followed, overtaking also become smooth. Lane driving is an absolute necessity on a hill road. Most roads are demarcated by a centerline. However, sometimes when the road is not marked by proper lanes, you should still be able to tell which side of the road you should be on.
A driver always has to be on the defensive and to make allowance for mistake by another driver. You have to take the safest way to avoid crash and the best way is to stick to your lane.