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Avoid Drinking & Driving

Partying is way of life today but alcohol and drug abuse can turn it into mourning. Partying is cherishment of life which gives you happiness. Any impediment to this is uncalled for every day we read news about crashes and young people losing their lives on road.

To make society safe, following points should be kept in mind while celebrating
Avoid late night parties.
Avoid alcohol in party.
When you feel you will get late, consider taking a driver with you.
Always have a friend who is teetotaler and knows driving when partying late during nights.
If somebody tells you that you are not fine to drive, believe him and do not drive.
Maximum accidents take place during wee hours i.e. 2am to 6am.
Driving after party could be fun but don't put your life on stake.
Always keep your family informed.
Take heed to these points and be a wise and safe citizen.